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The stork brings babies? from Paris...from Alsace!!! part 1

The story about the babies are worn for a stork and in addition that which worn comes from Paris, we can assure that actually all this myth has come really from France, but from another region less known by the world, Alsace.

Alsace is a region dedicated to the production of the white wine, principally, and the stork is one of the symbols that identify the region. Being more precise it is the white stork that emigrates from Africa and looks for humid places as Spain, Germany and this region of France. Previously, use to say that it was doing it principally for the climate, but lately there has verified that is for the food the principal aspect that this animal prefers this region than other one. 

When the stork emigrate? Beginning of February. The macho comes and takes possession of the nest of the previous year.

Birds Migration across Europe
When they have babies? In April, they incubate from 1 to 6 eggs

When they return? At the end of July

What is said of that the storks bring the babies of Paris? Source 1 (spanish)
Source 2 (english)

"It is said that it is a fable that comes from Central Europe inspired by the zeal that puts the stork in taking care of his babies. It seems that this graceful bird craves for his family, is monogamous and prepares the nest for years with great dedication. We go, a mother's example. The maternal love of these birds already was impressing the Romans, who were considering them to be sacred birds. To his care they were the protection of the woman, the marriage, the illumination and the newborn children.

And why Paris? 
The legend spread thanks to a pair of storks who was nesting in the ceiling of a house that, instead of emigrating to Africa, as all, were doing it to a region near to Paris. The day that the storks turned, the equal young woman who was living in this house had a baby and there was transmitted the news of which the storks had brought it from Paris hanging of the beak as if it was a pizza express. And it is so the momentary ingenuity of a father in the suds did that many children throughout the years believed that they are French".

Of here that there are diverse theories that brings over of where this legend arose really? ...good already not to associate to the storks as a bird of fecundity and maternal love, but of that they come from Paris. Other one of the hipotesis suggests that another couple travel  a little more far to Alsace, for the wine, to the route of the wines, there in one of the hotels, or in one of the houses in the high there are nests of stork. They find out about the stories about these animals and since they have been considered to be forever a part of an event of good fortune for the fertility and paternity.

To the return to his country they found with the questions of the little childs, which always have put in squeezes the adults and on having found this attractive history, they said, the couple, that the babies the traian the storks and on not having remembered exactly that region of France, was said... Paris. Beside proving mas chic. The new versions Stories For Internet

But, why is she considered in Europe to this bird by human qualities? It is because one of his characteristics is the monogamy (the storks support devotion to his pair, providing that it is possible, of season in season) and the diligent attention parental that the adults dispensan to his babies. And from there we could mention the stories, legends and history of these birds in the development of the Europeans. But it already is the part 2 of our investigation. To know if really they have something that to see these birds with to have a baby. 

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